The researchers found 5 percent of the participants performed the CHEK2 mutation.

In women who performed the CHEK2 mutation, 12 percent developed breast cancer compared to 5 percent of non-carriers. After adjusting for other factors, such as age, body mass index, and use of hormone replacement therapy, the researchers found that women who performed the mutation 3, is approximately 13 percent women, the normal CHEK2 genes had to develop breast cancer, most at risk mutation carriers were on hormone replacement therapy, 60 years old 60 years old and overweight – which within a 24 percent chance of developing the disease of was 10 years. The researchers found no statistically significant association between the CHEK2 mutation and prostate, colorectal or general cancer risk.

Nordestgaard. The identification of CHEK2 as a biomarker gives us a better understanding of the genetic risk factors and can help. Substantial proportion of women who would benefit under vigilant screening for the disease .

According to the study authors, was a major limitation of the research is that it included only white Danish women, it is not the extent CHEK2 mutations are found among black, Hispanic or other women known, or whether the risk of breast cancer in combination with CHEK2 mutations in these women is involved in a similar range as in this study..For more information the hundreds of events are held during theaters visit online online, or in person at of Tourist Information Center in Forum, Norwich based. Which BA Festival of Science supported by the East of England Development Agency.. * female interpret certain procedures in bringing up children as a design is better than men.

Reproductive technologies and designer babies became on Tuesday, September.####The BA Festival of Science is hosted at the University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park and Norwich City Council andl 2-9 in 2-9 in venues in the UEA, NIP and the city of Norwich.

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