The results are important.

Our study shows that would neither cough or chest X-ray have identified the 10 subjects with subclinical tuberculosis, the authors write. In an accompanying editorial in the same issue, said Dr. David L. Cohn serve the knowledge gained as a reminder of the complexity of tuberculosis in HIV – infected patients in high-burden countries This study represents a potential new challenge for the diagnosis. Subtle subtle in asymptomatic patients, and it may have with respect to the impact treatment decisions. .. The results are important, chest radiographyisting standards for which detection of TB rely on using cough as an indication for screening with chest x-ray as a screening method.

In the course of the study, M decins Sans Fronti res issued an advisory agency of its South Africa, patients push in the sputum culture test to pass when traditional TB skin and X-ray tests negative again? More information about the project can be Dardar at: / dardar / index.To date hepatitis C infection remains a challenge to the medical community around 200 million people are infected the world, from those excess of 10 million in the U.S. European is. Once infected, 85 percent of people will be chronic carriers who ultimately to liver failure.

‘contracted the virus, said Tony Bihl, President, Bayer Diagnostics.

Bayer Diagnostics large See portfolio includes a plurality of congenital and acquired disorders, including: allergies, anemia, autoimmune disease, cardio / hearts, diabetic, fertility, infections, HIV / AIDS, urinary tract infections, renal and metabolic functionally, thyroid features, oncology and virology , as well as immunosuppressant therapy and therapeutic drug monitoring. Welfare Division new global HQ Tarrytown, New York, and work as an part of by Bayer HealthCare is LLC.. ‘. Bavarian recognizes there are an enormous unmet needs for accurate detection and diagnosis of hepatitis C viral Adding of the next generation VERSANT HCV Genotype 2.0 An assay to our portfolio will help to better treatment methods for these.

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