The results were obtained by biopsy.

There were no false – negative exams for which the addition of mammography would have diagnostic value. Our negative predictive value ‘was 100 %, said DeMartini. ‘reinforces its high sensitivity and NPV of ultrasound in our study its application as a primary imaging technique in young women with focal breast concerns,’she said.. The researchers identified and reviewed all ultrasound examinations from 1 January 2002 to 30 August 2006, the focal breast signs or symptoms in women younger than 30 years at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance in Seattle, The results were obtained by biopsy, 0.4 per cent 24 months of ultrasound surveillance or linkage with the regional tumor registry. ‘The incidence of breast malignancy in our study, 0.4 %,’said Wendy B.

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The same time , patients who compounds containing caffeine for understanding that caffeine side effects side effects, particularly when a patients drinks a lot of caffeinated beverages simultaneously. If a person is of these analgesics and will be nervous or has having trouble sleeping, to investigate the possibility the caffeine the caffeine possibly maybe Edit to another kind by pain medication. Previous Next: If Over-the-counter pain medication its harmful, they are safer than other drugs?.

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