The survey showed that a quarter of all parents would be prevent a child with asthma go cycling

However, the survey showed that a quarter of all parents would be prevent a child with asthma go cycling, riding away on holiday with her friends or going . In addition, almost half of the parents said they would have a child with asthma prevent have a cat or a dog or go cross-country running. Neil Churchill, Chief Executive of Asthma UK, said: These research that we still strengthen a long way in educating people about asthma , and that with the right medications, children with asthma do not need to to be stopped by active walk walk We hope that the Kick asthma Heroes campaign will be successful at the celebration all children with asthma, whether they are in a position to exercise or not. .

Those who attend can appoint a ‘ Kick Asthma Hero’ to pick up their local Morrisons store and draw up a registration form at the Customer Services desk. Nomination forms are from Monday, September will be available and the deadline is Monday, October. Alternatively, they can visit.

While these methods even under clinical investigation, feasibility of data suggest may keeping promise of of subjects with emphysema. Results of the study are published in the October 2007 issue of Journal of Throacic and Cardiovascular Surgery. A positive results contain a statistically significant reduction in the amount of Aerial enclosed in the lungs improve breathing resistance for patient after six months of the to the airway bypass. – Da emphysema, which destroyed permanently lung functions, be as a desolating sickness, any potential new treatment option might provide significant relief to the millions that suffer, said Dr. Science ###.

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