Wildlife Trust scientists active surveying species.

In addition, more than three quarters of emerging infectious diseases is a result of zoonotic agents.. Wildlife Trust scientists active surveying species, such as bats, for viruses, to human health in key regions throughout the world that are highly susceptible to disease emergence to to. The team was actively testing bats for the deadly Nipah virus, infecting and killing people every year in Bangladesh. It is estimated that infectious diseases lead to 13 million deaths per year.

Bangladesh is a notable emerging disease hot spot due to its dense population and the close relationship between humans and animals. Scientists tested 100 giant fruit bats, Pteropus giganteus, in the Faridpur region of the country. Bangladesh densely populated and large colonies of bats neighborhood in close proximity to humans. We know from studying Nipah virus, asked virus to humans by food-borne pathways are transferred, said Dr. Jonathan Epstein.

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