With the new technique.

With the new technique, surgeons first one tube from the remaining palate by attaching the palate at the back part the neck, next to where the tumor was removed. This tube separates the mouth from the nasal cavity and closes during swallowing, allowing patients to eat and speak.

Tonsil cancer develops in the back of the throat, which means surgery could include parts of the palate, the tongue and the jaw. Traditional reconstruction have resulted in where a large round piece of tissue, pattern, similar left when the tumor stuck removed. But that affects the way the palate and tongue function, and does not reflect the complex components of the throat, a person and swallow and swallow.AZTI-Tecnalia is to maintain , and characterizing from the new foods Bio molecules on novel sources. One example of this is to obtain which vegetable fiber. From byproducts of Tomate canning Intensive research work using different techniques for identification chemical composition of A dietary fiber and of its original fraction – non-starch polysaccharide allow, and for comparison with a forecast its subsequent behavioral as a technology and / and functional component in food products balanced on the the new biological – molecules are.

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