You can read about their work in the September issue the journal Brain.

You can read about their work in the September issue the journal Brain, which appeared online recently. – Power to the press this week that:’. Neurosteroids talk persuade brain cells to grow and repair themselves These steroids live in the brain they are not the steroids most people associate with building large muscles or suppress the immune system ‘he added.

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This is one of the few times in my career, we have a new science strategy that could benefit directly have discovered my patients, said Power , a professor at the Faculty of medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta and Canada Research Chair in Neurological Infection and Immunity.The hypothesis being that this is reduction in the risk from MI lead. Put these results in an historical context, we believe that the promise of a economical role ANNEX DG-031 in cardiovascular disease can reflecting at least partially, in that of the statins in the late 1980s if it was lower reduce LDL cholesterol but there was not shown that a reduction LDL-C resulting in a decrease in risk of MI. Boston study examining clinical outcome being in the planning stage to ascertain whether DG-031 indeed infer impact on the risk on MI, the authors..

(JAMA. 2005;. 293:2245-2256 available for mail – embargoed. – NOTE: The study was conducted from Decode Genetics Inc. Co – writer Gudmund Thorgeirsson has stock to Decode Genetics sponsored do not the other authors report financial data. Editorial:. Translating the Human Genome Project Add preventing myocardial infarction and stroke – Getting Close.

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